Our Passion

Our Passion is fueled by the drive to tell stories that are nothing less than LifeChanging; creating poignant documentaries which inspire donors and empower volunteers to create ripples of change throughout the world.

After nearly a decade of creating visual media, the dedication of Wade and Thomas Balsamo is a life-long mission in search of the most human-driven stories; social-cause documentaries which depict empathy, acceptance, compassion, and hope beyond all else.

Our nonprofit was founded in 2018, to form a board of volunteer creatives championing untold messages from the most meaningful organizations we can find.

We believe at our very core that by shining our light and lens in the direction of those like-minded idealists, we can truly influence viewers to join the mission to improve the human condition, by showing how people are working together to help one another and how much every kindness truly matters in the world.

Our producers go beyond 4k, striving for hollywood-grade cinematic documentaries that meet and exceed the technical standards for broadcast content.

This production quality can at times exceed the financial abilities of nonprofit organizations putting the human cause first.

Thus, the LifeChanging Nonprofit Documentary Grant was founded to bridge this gap, providing resources towards the most important stories.

This allows a commission for short documentary content to become so much more, by contributing development resources towards long-form content about the cause-area we bring down the cost of media, and create the opportunities for worldwide awareness on digital platforms and broadcast channels.

If you have a nonprofit story you believe to be LifeChanging, inquire below.