Our Mission is to improve the human condition through the power of documentary, by sharing the methods and motivations of local heros who dedicate their lives to making the world a better place.

LifeChanging Documentaries sponsors video content creation following compassionate role models in emerging nonprofit organizations.

We subsidize the creation of video in the form of volunteer vérité footage days and equipment rentals for capturing real life ‘fly on the wall’ moments over an extended period. Our goal for this is multi-use content for the nonprofit and for our vision of an emerging TV-length docuseries following the process of making a LifeChanging humanitarian impact.

Our board of creatives offers volunteer time and expertise to create at a caliber of production that can be pitched to Netflix, HULU, PBS Independent Lens, and various OTT platforms — because we believe that the more people who are exposed to role-models living selfless lives sharing wisdom and compassion in service of those in need, the more we can influence the next generations to embark on their own missions to improve the human experience.

By sharing the wisdom gained through the process of developing successful, purposeful programs, together we’re inspiring the passion to nurture meaningful social change that can last for a lifetime.

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If you have a nonprofit story which you believe is nothing short of LifeChanging, inquire here about our LifeChanging Nonprofit Documentary Grant and we’ll see if we can help fund a documentary production and create awareness for your inspirational programs.